Work with antidetector has never been so simple

The browser is equipped with systems of protection and substitution of prints (GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies). No one will be able to recognize the configuration of your hardware, if you work with Linken Sphere - it will protect you from any attempt of identification. The browser does not just prohibit their acquisition - it gives the corrected information, forming a unique user portrait, used by you as much as necessary.

The most accurate and complete setting for professionals

The browser provides not only the ability to quickly and qualitatively generate parameters for each new session, but also gives you the most complete options to setup configurations for advanced users - you can easily set all the necessary parameters: Useragent, HTTP headers, js.navigator, Plugins, MymeTypes, WebGL è Geoposition.

Dozens of virtual machines are no longer needed

Each tab allows you to use various configurations, namely - network connection (SSH tunnel, SOCKS, TOR or TOR + SSH), UserAgent, prints, geolocation, time, language and cookies. Thus, each tab, in fact, is its own virtual machine with its own settings and connection. You can simultaneously work with dozens of such tabs from one place.

All types of connections "out of the box"

The browser contains all the necessary set of functional for working with SSH, SOCKS and TOR - no more need to install and configure buggy proxies and bitways. You can combine dozens of different connections and their types for maximum work comfort and result - simply install the browser on your computer or virtual machine, everything else we have already done!

Convenient work with cookies

You no longer need to store cookies in separate files, spending time to permanently download and upload them. Create multiple sessions with individual cookies and prints - and no more problems with their transfer! The browser allows you both to download and upload cookies in netscape cookies format, and save full-scale sessions, including prints and connection data.

UserAgent and system

Different approaches require different devices. The browser allows you to use the required Useragent, system time, language, geolocation and resolution for each tab. Use pre-installed popular agents, or add your own. Simply, more than ever. Of course, the selected UserAgent and other settings is synchronized with cookies and connection data.

No hidden requests

The browser is a private development and is completely protected from sending hidden requests and tracking unnecessary information. In addition, the entire process of starting and authorization is through TOR - you are completely anonymous

OTR mode

The browser works in OTR mode, which makes it absolutely impossible to track traces from your online activities, even with spyware installed directly on your computer

We can in TOR

We use the onion network for the startup and authorization process. You can use TOR both in its pure form, by refusing the TOR Browser for surfing in the deep web, and as a connecting node when connecting to SSH to build an anonymous and secure bundle. And all this in combination with other unique features of this software

No binding to hardware

We do not use hardware binding as a measure of protection against unlicensed copying. This indicates that you can use your copy of Linken Sphere on any system without tedious contacts with support and manual activation