For whom?

For antifraud systems pentesters

This software, thanks to its capabilities, makes it possible to fully investigate antifraud systems vulnerabilities of various complexity and focus, based on such complex structures as Fraudscore, MinFraud, SiftScience, ThreatMetrix and others.

For SMM professionals

Very often, social networking requires the ability to easily access multiple accounts with their connections and data. Linken Sphere allows you to greatly facilitate the work and improve its quality and speed.

To work with contextual advertising

Working with contextual campaigns in large volumes requires a certain approach to the software choice. This product will allow you to maintain dozens of accounts with extraordinary ease and high result.

For arbitrage and bonus hunters

In which direction of arbitration and bonus hunting you would not work, we created all the conditions for success. Linken Sphere allows you to successfully register and perform further work with a mass of accounts from one place.

To work with ad sites

If you are working with ad sites, you are probably faced with the necessity of simultaneous access to multiple accounts and the avoidance of deadlocks. Thanks to innovative features, Linken Sphere will allow you to significantly improve quality and result of your work.

For those who are worried about their own safety

Linken Sphere is completely protected from external influence, which will allow you to fully protect yourself from dangerous information leakage. Used technologies guarantee full confidentiality of your actions on the Internet.

For any work with multi-accounts

Regardless of the nature of your business, Linken Sphere will allow you to conveniently and safely work with a large number of accounts, posing himself exactly for the browser that you need in your work.

Your direction?

Regardless of where and with what you work – sure, we will be able to offer you a significant increase in labor efficiency, saving resources and a positive result. You can always clarify the possibilities of Linken Sphere for the direction of your work, by writing us. We look forward to your success!